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We are a marketing company. What is marketing you ask? After a call today I feel the need to explain what marketing really is. There seems to be some confusion.

Our goal as marketers is to draw attention to your firm. If we are really great, we are able to get butts in seats to your events and maybe even get people into your office for a consult. If we are amazing, we are able to grow your networks and get you more centers of influence.

Our job is to not to close business. Marketing is not sales. Marketing is marketing.

If you’re saying to yourself, “Okay, if marketing is marketing, what does that mean?” then let me share a story with you.

A marketing team, through tools of their trade, was able to get over 750 new prospects to take a first meeting with a firm we work with.

Wow, right? That sounds amazing.

This firm was firing on all cylinders using a high performance engine.

They had run dinner seminars. They had a Podcast.They even ran direct mail programs.

And they now have over 750 new prospects vying for a meeting.

Before I go any further, I have to ask, what is your closing percentage?

Now, what could your closing percentage be if you had 750 people to practice on?

When your marketing works, what do you need to make sure you have after all of these people are tee’d up? Closers.

That’s right, marketing brought them to you, but you still have to convince them to work with you. You have to sell yourself, and your product.

You provide a much needed service, right?

People are better off when they work with an advisor/agent like you?

You believe that, don’t you?

Selling is not a bad word. Selling is an integral part of so many businesses… it’s how we all survive. Selling doesn’t have to be just about bottom lines. It can be about providing people with the best option to help themselves.

But back to that case. Their closing percentage is 20%.

Because of this, their first year cost per client acquisition is over 40K.

And it will take them 7 years to break even.

If they could close 50% better could you imagine their growth? Could you imagine how much less their client acquisition cost would be? (I can do the math, I just choose not to.)

We are really good at marketing. You have to be good at sales.

Are you?


Episode 77 – Larry Miles – It Starts With Culture

Today, Larry Miles, a principal at AdvicePeriod talks about what most financial advisory firms get wrong in customer experience. Luckily, as a firm this is something you can take control of and change. Culture, Technology, and specifically your team can help boost morale and create memorable customer experiences that will separate your firm from the rest. Part of this is continuously adapting and changing with the times. When you're upgrading your firm's technology, and focusing on connecting with customers, you will only be propelled further.

AdvicePeriod lives by the quote “If culture doesn't fit, nothing else matters”, you should too.

Tune in to find out how you can grow your company culture, and create rewarding experiences for both your team and your clients.

AdvicePeriod for Advisors | AdvicePeriod


Leveraging COI Relationships Through Podcasting

The title of this article may sound like a recipe for exploitation, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. People enjoy helping others. Your clients and centers of influence (COIs) take pleasure in helping you and they also get satisfaction from helping others in their network.

Podcasting makes that win-win helping easier.

Imagine calling one of your top clients and explaining that you have a podcast— and that the purpose of your podcast is to help other investors and like-minded professionals achieve {insert whatever is important to you here}.Then, you tell your client that you would like to invite professionals they know (and work with) to  be a guest on your podcast.

Big wins.

First, the client will be impressed that you have a podcast. Next, they’ll feel flattered that you asked them “who do you know?.” Then, their referrals (i.e. your new COIs) will help you produce valuable content that your podcast audience will appreciate.

It’s a cycle where everyone comes out winning. You look good, the client looks good, their professional connections look good, your message gets shared, and your clients and podcast audience appreciate the added value.

Today’s technology makes it easy for podcast guests to participate from the comfort of their home or office at a convenient time. The advantages of this opportunity are too great to ignore.

Another benefit is that, in working with you, your podcast guests will see firsthand how professional you are. They will get to experience your podcast guest-appearance process and your ability to pull things together. Not only will they remember the experience, but they’ll get an idea of what it would be like to work with you. Then, they will share that experience with their network including, yes, their top clients.

Finally, it’s easy for your new COI to share your podcast with other like-minded people in their network. You can provide them with instructions on how to share your podcast through social media. (As part of your instructions, include images, links, and any text they can use to make sharing as easy as possible.) They will want to share it, so it’s really just a matter of providing a step-by-step guide to make that process intuitive for them. The referring client will want to share too, feeling proud that they set up this new highly visible and valuable relationship. You will inevitably expand your network to top prospects.

By leveraging your centers of influence, you’re activating a formula that draws in referrals AND everyone wins in the process. You win, your client feels special, your new COI gets visibility, and listeners get more valuable insight, so they win too.

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Advisor WOW Website Formula

A detailed infographic of our formula and how to implement.

The “Website WOW Formula” no marketing person ever shared with you…probably because they didn’t have one.


  • How to avoid common, and painful, website mistakes.
  • The importance of having an engaging website.
  • The 5 key roles your website should play.
  • How to build a better menu/navigation.
  • How to build a powerful home page that WOWs ideal prospects and COIs.

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