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Episode 108 – The Influencer Navigator Plan with Jay Palter

Today Matt is joined by Jay Palter, the Cheif Engagement Officer at Jay has been in the tech industry for over 30 years, and is providing something fundamentally unique and different when it comes to social media and influencers.

Jay has developed his own Influencer Navigator Plan as a tool to help you build a social media presence that that is both credible and visible to social media influencers in your field. It even goes so far as to advise you on WHAT to share, WHEN to share it, and WHO with.

If you're looking to create some sustainable and impactful social media, be sure to tune in today!

Links: JAYPALTER.CA | Jay Palter LinkedIn


Outsourcing Your Social Media: How it Works

Financial advisors are catching on to how beneficial it is to outsource their social media.

When an advisors works with an outside marketing company, they’re paired with a social media specialist (like me!) who creates posts that captures their brand’s values, promotes their original content, and most important, helps people relate to them as humans! (Not that we regularly see non-humans on social media, but that Swole Cat has quite a following).

But even if advisors understand the benefits of outsourcing their social media, they often still have questions and concerns about the process that can hold them back from outsourcing.

  1. So let’s get those questions answered! Here are the most common questions I receive from advisors when we first start working together:

“What do I have to do?”

Let me explain the process:

  • I email a social media calendar to each of my advisor-clients twice per month. The social media calendar is a document that includes the social media copy and any links that will appear on each of the advisor’s social media platforms from Monday to Friday.
  • Then, the advisor or a member of their marketing team reviews the calendars. They usually have very little feedback, although I welcome it! I do have a client who likes writing his own quotes for Friday posts. But typically, I do all the writing and the advisors simply review and approve.
  • Next, the advisor submits the social media calendar to their compliance officer. Once the compliance officer returns the document, the advisor sends it back to me.
  • Lastly, I schedule the now-approved social media posts for each social media platform. As the posts go live, I monitor them for engagement (i.e. likes, clicks, comments) and engage back. But many of my clients enjoy responding to comments on their own.
  • Rinse and repeat!

2. What is the time commitment?

Advisors spend less time on social media creation when they outsource it—that’s the beauty of working with us! We free up advisors’ time so they can channel their energy into doing what they do best.

But as you can probably infer from reading about our process, the advisors still have to put in some time.

My quote-writing advisor says that he spends up to two hours per month reviewing the social media calendars while one marketing assistant for an advisor puts in 4 hours every month.

While infrequent, the advisors also take time to complete annual holiday questionnaires and answer questions within the social media calendars. For example, if I’ve planned a National Book Day post, I may ask an advisor to tell me the title of their favorite book. Often times this doesn’t feel like work though, because who doesn’t love to reminisce about a great holiday or their number one read?

  1. “How do I know the social media posts will be compliance-friendly?”


When outsourcing, be sure to hire someone who understands the reality of compliance in the financial world. At Top Advisor Marketing, the social team and I are trained to write compliant copy. We know which words and phrases to avoid using. And if we’re ever unsure, we consult the compliance-experts on our team.

As well, the advisors submit their social calendars to their compliance officer (and we insist that they do), and we make any corrections that are needed before scheduling the posts.

And there you have it! Those few fears of outsourcing social media are easily managed when you hire a reputable company to manage your social media. Never be afraid to ask too many questions, and be sure you’re getting the answer you need to hear for your peace of mind.

Stay social!

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Episode 107 – Growth Marketing with Alan Moore

Often when entrepreneurs set out to start a new business, marketing can fall to the way side. Business structure, sales, products seem to all take precenident.But if you want to build a successful business you have to have a rockstar marketing plan. Joining Matt today is the co-founder of XY planning and CEO of Advisor Pay Alan Moore.

Many of you will have heard Alan's name before, as he is consistently blogging, podcasting, and being highlighted as a thought leader within financial services. Alan is the co-founder of XY Planning Network and the CEO of Advice Pay. He joins Matt today to explore some of the ways that have lead to his exponential growth and made him one of the fastest growing companies in the United States.

Links: Alan Moore LinkedIn | XY Planning Network | AdvicePay

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Episode 106- A Woman’s Way with Michelle R. Donovan and Patty Kreamer

Today Matt shares the mic with co-authors Michelle R. Donovan and Patty Kreamer to discuss their latest book, A Woman's Way: Empowering Female Financial Advisors to Authentically Flourish and Lead in a Man's World. Michelle and Patty write to this topic, speak to this topic, and coach on this topic.

Together, the three will walk through some of the strategies and tactics women can use to capitalize on their natural strengths as women and build thriving practices based on leadership, confidence, relationships, and authenticity.

Be sure to listen in today!

Links: A Woman's Way Book | Michelle R. Donovan LinkedIn | Patty Kreamer LinkedIn

ADVISOR U Social Resources

The Social Advisor Webinar


When it comes to creating a strong marketing plan, the 21st century demands an online presence. While most of us dabble in social media during our off-hours, many of us struggle to understand the value and strategy behind using social media for businesses.

Heather Wilson and Matthew Halloran are joining forces to answer the six big questions they hear every day from hesitant advisors. Join on us  to learn how you can create a lasting and manageable social media marketing plan.

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Episode 105 – Creating an Extraordinary Client Experience with Julie Littlechild

If you sent a survey out to your clients, what would they have to say about their experience with you? Would they rave about your business model, or comment on how regularly they bring you up to their family and friends? Or would they note that you're office seemed cold, or they felt like you were working towards different goals than they were?

In the financial world, we know that referrals are your bread and butter. Which means that client experience is pivotal because the people in your office today are making sure there are people there tomorrow. Joining Matt today is Julie Littlechild, speaker, writer, and founder of Absolute Engagement.

As an expert on client experience, Julia and Matt discuss what it takes to make your client experience extrodinary. With an 11 step program, Julia has made it simple for advisors, or anyone who has a referral based business, to create happy and lasting client relationships.

LINKS: Julie Littlechild LinkedIn | Client Engagement


Our Current Reads

At Top Advisor Marketing, we love books. Reading or listening to storytelling is by and far one of our favourite pass times. For some of us our library cards see more action than our credit cards. In the spirit of a well worn book, we’ve compiled a list of what paperbacks or audio books have been with us lately. Be sure to check back next month for a list of our all time favourite books in honor of National Book Month!

Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself

Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself – Dr. Joe Dispenza

On the book shelf of Ray Gauthier

The Soul of an Octopus - Sy Montgomery

The Soul of an Octopus – Sy Montgomery

On the book shelf of Matthew Halloran

You All Grow Up and Leave Me - Piper Weisse

You All Grow Up and Leave Me – Piper Weisse

On the book shelf of Jessica Jackson

Marie Antoinette: The Journey - Antonia Fraser

Marie Antoinette: The Journey – Antonia Fraser

On the book shelf of Julia Ritchie

The Happiness Equation - by Neil Pasricha

The Happiness Equation – by Neil Pasricha

On the book shelf of Robyn Walters

Smarter, Better, Faster - Charles Duhigg

Smarter, Better, Faster – Charles Duhigg

On the book shelf of Douglas Heikkinen

The Hate U Give - Angie Thomas

The Hate U Give – Angie Thomas

On the book shelf of Kaley Lewis.

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Episode 104 – The Power of Momentum Marketing

Is your marketing effective? Does it consistently build together to produce a stronger brand, stronger sales, stronger network or stronger client base? Do you feel your marketing processes are building something that is intriguing, consistent, and timely? If you've answered no to any of these questions, then today's episode will

Matt is joined by his partner and branding expert Kirk Lowe on today's episode to dive into momentum marketing. A term branded by Kirk, it is derived of three big questions. 1. Is your marketing constantly moving forward? 2. Does your marketing build on itself time and time again? 3. Does your marketing retain marketing value. As Kirk and Matt move through these three questions, discover valueable tactics to creating a marketing plan that builds with you, and for you.

Links: Kirk Lowe LinkedIn

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Episode 103 – Going Virtual With Lisa Ferguson

Have you ever wondered how a virtual company works? Virtual companies raise a lot of questions, including do the employees know one another? How do you manage to build a team effort? How can you seperate work from home when you work at home? Does anyone get any real work done?

To answer these, and many more curiouristies of the virtual company, Matt is joined by Lisa Ferguson, Top Advisor Marketing's Director of Operations. From the beginning, Lisa has assisted in creating the team at Top Advisor Marketing and helping to build an incredible sense of community. Lisa and Matt discuss the many benefits of a virtual team including the cost of doing business, talent pool, lifestyle, colloboration and productivity. If you're curious about if you can make a virtual team work, or are wondering simply how we at Top Advisor Markting get things done, be sure to tune in today!

LINKS: Lisa Ferguson LinkedIn


Social Media Changes – August 2018

Things are constantly changing in the social media world. It can be hard to keep up with all of the latest features and policy changes, so we’ve made it easy for you to stay up to date by creating a monthly roundup of what’s new on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.

This month, Facebook continued to make Groups a more attractive feature on its platform, while Instagram made it easier than ever to apply for verification. LinkedIn also tweaked some visual aspects of users’ profile pages, and Twitter implemented some changes that will affect the way you can use the platform in conjunction with other apps.

Read on for more of the noteworthy social media changes in August 2018.


Mentorship Program

Have you ever dreamed of having a virtual mentor or mentee? Well, now thanks to Facebook, you can!

One of Facebook’s more notable new features this month is a new mentorship program in Facebook Groups, where people who are in parenting, professional, or personal development groups can be paired up with a mentor or mentee by their group administrator. Once paired up, the matches can get to know each other through Facebook’s program, which will take them through guided mentorship steps and encourage them to check in with each other weekly.

Facebook Pixels

Facebook has made it easier for group administrators to optimize and analyze their groups by allowing them to use Facebook Pixels. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Facebook Pixel, it’s a code that you can place on your website in order to track how your Facebook Page, or now Group, is driving traffic to your website and what users are doing once they’re there. Insights for this feature are available in the Group Insights page for groups who have over 50 members.

Advertisement Targeting

As Facebook continues to tighten up their advertising and transparency policies, they’ve also made changes to the way advertisements can be targeted on their platform. This past month, Facebook removed over 5,000 targeting options for advertisers, including the ability to exclude specific audiences based on attributes such as ethnicity or religion. This was done in an effort to reduce discriminatory advertising. From now on, advertisers in the U.S. will have to complete an educational certification to show that they understand Facebook’s non-discrimination policy in order to continue advertising on this platform. This certification requirement will expand to other countries in the near future.


LinkedIn Voicemail

If you’ve ever had the yearning to leave someone a voicemail on LinkedIn, well, your wish has been granted. LinkedIn now lets you send voice messages up to one minute long to your 1st-degree connections through LinkedIn Messaging.

Profile Changes

ou can now group multiple positions at one company in a single section in the experience portion of your LinkedIn profile, resulting in a cleaner, streamlined look.

Job Search

This month, LinkedIn adjusted its job search functions, adding the ability to select “remote jobs” as your location preference. As well, you can now indicate in your career preferences that you’re open to working remotely.



For all of you who are vying after that coveted blue checkmark next to your Instagram username, good news—you can now apply for verification directly through Instagram’s mobile app. This can be done by choosing ‘Request Verification,’ in the settings section. However, just because it’s easier to apply, that doesn’t mean it’s easier to get approved. According to Instagram, to be verified, you have to be a notable person, brand, or entity, with a complete profile that is authentic and unique.

Recommended Posts

If you didn’t already have enough to look at on Instagram, the platform is testing recommended posts to appear at the end of your Feed. When you see the “Recommended For You” message on your Feed, you’ll have the option to view your past posts or keep scrolling for your recommendations.


API Changes

Twitter’s API changes came into effect in August, limiting what you can do on third-party apps like Hootsuite or TweetDeck. As a result, notifications about mentions and direct messages may be delayed, and you can no longer see your timeline in real-time, but will have to manually refresh it instead.

Facebook also changed their API this month, meaning you can no longer cross-post your tweets and retweets automatically from Twitter to Facebook.

Who to Unfollow

As for what new features we can expect in the future from Twitter, one possibility is an unfollow list. For a few days in August, Twitter tested a new feature that recommended users for you to unfollow, in an attempt to make users’ timelines more relevant to their interests.

Twitter TV

Twitter is also branching out into the world of TV, announcing this month that they’ve teamed up with Buzzfeed to produce a Twitter-based show called “#What2Watch,” which will review all of the latest TV content. The show will be made in Britain and have weekly 40-minute episodes launching later this year. As a TV junkie myself, I’m not going to lie, I’m interested.

Check back next month to catch up on more social media updates. In the meantime, you can find our full social media changes report for August 2018 on AdviserU.