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Ep 126 – Being a Category of One with Joe Calloway

On this episode of Top Advisor Marketing, Matt Halloran welcomes Joe Calloway to discuss one of his many books, Becoming A Category of One: How Extraordinary Companies Transcend Commodity And Defy Comparison.

Joe helps leaders focus on what is truly important, inspires new thinking about effective leadership, and motivates them to immediate action.

As many businesses today follow a cookie-cutter plan, to become a Category of One you must discover how to decommonditize your business and stand out from the crowd.  Are you providing a specialized service to your clients? Are you relevant? Do you provide value and consistency of performance? Listen in and learn tips from Joe and Matt to setting yourself apart from your competitors and turn your business into a market leader.

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Ep 125 – Hosting a Successful Seminar with Mike Thurman

Do you find your seminars are lacking that punch that results long potential prospects lists? Matt explores the top three strategies for hosting a successful seminar with returning guest, Mike Thurman, co-founder of White Glove Workshops.

Mike has over 25 years experience in the financial industry and has hosted over 1000 educational seminars, making him an expert in the field. Along with Matt, Mike reviews his three key components to seminar success: plan the process, possess the heart of a teacher, and finishing strong.

Join us today and be sure to check out White Glove Workshops resources on their website!

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5 Steps to Creating A Powerful Value Proposition

Businesses that fail to quickly and clearly articulate their uniqueness and value have failed at the most simple and critical business requirements—defining why you. This would appear to be the simplest of tasks, but it’s not. And for many financial advisors, it’s holding them back.

You’ve likely seen the marketing of the advisors who’ve nailed this. Their marketing is simple, compelling, and direct. You can quickly see who they work best with and how they prefer to engage. And if you experience their marketing and expertise, it likely has depth and value for their ideal audience.

So how do advisors overcome this critical gap in their businesses?

Start with a framework for developing and sharing your value proposition.



If you start a conversation with an intriguing statement, that conversation is more likely to carry on and with a greater degree of openness.

An intriguing statement about how you label yourself is a great start. It should, if nothing else, make a statement that you are interested in being interesting. (But if you get too cute with your title, it could go the other way too.)

You might actually choose to complete this section last, since answering the following sections could help you arrive at the right title.

Some simple title examples:

  • FINANCIAL BEHAVIORIST (borderline cheeky!)




Hi, I’m a <title/focus statement>.



What is it about what you do, who you do it for, and how you do it that is most compelling?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What are your core strengths?
  • What do you do best? Do you do it better than most of your peers?
  • Who is your ideal audience? The more specific and clear, the better.
  • What does your ideal audience care about?
  • What are the key benefits you provide that they care deeply about achieving?

Next, give your audience a look at why they should consider choosing you. The idea here is to give them enough to want to continue a conversation with an open mind.



I help with by/through <core/special strength>.



It’s good to know who your enemy is. More specifically, it’s important to know who you don’t want to be. In what way do you want to be different or better than your most clear competition? Be careful with this phrase though; you don’t want to come across as negative or advisor bashing. Stick to the facts and your key point of differentiation or value.



Most other <enemy statement>. I take a different approach.



It’s always important to attach emotional hot buttons to your value proposition. Your ideal audience will have several. Identify the most pressing and perhaps the lesser recognized ones and think of how to leverage those in your value statement.



Have you ever experienced  <problem>? I solve this by <solution> so you can <ideal outcome>.



This section is already scripted for you. You can shorten or modify it as it suits you, but the key point here are to separate yourself from others by how you prove your expertise and value. Most advisors do not have a podcast, a blog, or a whitepaper. It’s critical that you work to complete these items because they are the part of your value proposition that PROVES you are the real deal.  



Before I ever work with anyone, I ask them to visit my website, read my blog posts, download my whitepaper, <“name”> and listen to my podcast, <“name”>. Then and only then can people truly appreciate what I’m about, how much I understand them and their needs, and most importantly, decide whether we’d work well together, both personally and professionally.



What do you do? Hi, I’m a <intriguing title/focus>.
Wait…what? I help with <ideal audience> with <key benefit> by/through <core/special strength>.
Thanks interesting. Most other <competitor> <whatever you don’t want to be>. I take a different approach.
So, how do you do that? Have you ever experienced <list 2-3 key hot buttons>?

I solve this by <list 2-3 key/unique strengths> so you <achieve these 1-2 compelling outcomes>.

So, how do I learn more? Before I ever work with anyone, I ask them to visit my website, read my blog posts, download my whitepaper, <“name”>, and listen to my podcast, <“name”>. Then and only then can people truly appreciate what I’m about, how much I understand them and their needs, and most importantly, decide whether we’d work well together, both personally and professionally.

The formula works best when:

  • Ideal Audience is as niche as possible and their needs are clear and spot on.
  • Key Benefit resonates with Ideal Audience and is obvious to them.
  • Core Strength is positioned as different, better, and most importantly, relevant.
  • Whatever You Don’t Want To Be is seen as a negative to your ideal audience and they‘ve likely experienced it.
  • Hot Buttons are brief, powerful, and believable.  
  • Unique strengths yield compelling outcomes. FYI, “peace of mind” is not compelling.
  • Advisors have brand depth in the form of blog, podcast, and whitepapers to refer to in this. It really sets the table when you sound and look professional. A podcast is the best brand depth option here because they get people talking and listening.
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Ep 124 – The Value of Tech Integration with Kristen Schmidt

Today Matt is diving into the importance of technology integration with tech strategist, speaker, consultant, and founder of RIA Oasis, Kristen Schmidt.

Integrating your technology not only helps make things easier around your office, it can free up time so you can do more in your practice while creating better client services/experience, and creating seamless prospecting. Oftentimes advisors fail to use their technology to the fullest potential – with most firms only using 20-30% of what their technology offers.

As one of the few RIA tech experts, Kristen spends every day working with the very systems that drive your business. Kristen and Matt walk through the basic steps that you can take to evaluate your technology and come to some decision on what comes next.

LINKS: RIA Oasis | Kristen Schmidt LinkedIn 

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Ep 123 – Power of the Purse with Lynn Evans

Have you ever thought you had such a great idea—someone might just pay you to read it? Often times advisors reach a point in their development where they're told to put pen to paper and draft the next best financial read. But how many of us consider what a great opportunity a book can be for marketing?

Joining Matt today is fellow podcaster, author, CFP®, and speaker Lynn S. Evans to discuss how she developed, marketed, and wrote her book, Power of the Purse.

Lynn is a national leader in the financial planning industry. Lynn has a profound understanding of the deep relationships that revolve around women and money. Through the work of her book, podcast, radio show, and financial network, Lynn has made it her personal mission to help baby boomer women become financially literate and take back control of their finances.

Learn more about Lynn, her book, and marketing in this great episode today!

LINKS: Power of the Purse Podcast | Women of Substance | Lynn S Evans LinkedIn | Power of the Purse Book

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Ep 122 – The Money Personalities with Scott & Bethany Palmer

As a financial advisor – how do you differentiate yourself? Realistically, pricing and services are pretty constant across the board now, so what's left to make you stand out? The answer is your client relationships.

Joining Matt today is the incredible power couple Scott and Bethany Palmer of the Money Couple to discuss one of the biggest buzzwords in financial services, behavioral finance. In today's episode, learn how you can use this tool to successfully differentiate yourself from your competition.

With Bethany and Scott's game changing discovery of the Money Personalities Test, you can revolutionized how your clients think of their relationships with money. With a deeper understanding of your clients intricacies with money, you can develop more custom plans to suit their needs. Prepare for 2019 to offer the best and most custom service yet!

LINKS: The Money Personalities Test | Scott Palmer LinkedIn | Bethany Palmer LinkedIn | The Money Couple

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Ep 121 – Merging Your Firms with Jennifer Goldman

Matt is joined by returning guest Jen Goldman, of Jennifer Goldman Consultants to discuss a big topic, with little content – how to merge a CPA firm with a wealth management firm.

As a business transformation consultant Jen has experienced first hand the growing pains that come from merging these two businesses. When her journey began, she sought all the material and advice should could online, and surprisingly, came up pretty empty handed. With over 50% of CPA firms now offering some form of wealth management, it's hard to envision that this practice has been so over looked.

But fear not. Given Jen and Matt's shared experience on the topic, the two of them dive into some of the key things you need to know about making your business merger a major success.

LINKS: Jen Goldman LI | Jennifer Goldman Consulting