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Ep 135 – The Value of Vision with Karen Coyne

Many financial advisors have a vision. A vision for their business, a vision for their growth, and a vision for their team. To achieve any of these visions, you have to set goals. But are you using vision to its fullest potential with your client base?

Our host, Matt Halloran, welcomes CFP® and vision expert Karen Coyne to our latest episode to discuss how vision can be a year-round discussion with your clients. With her unique approach to focusing on vision, Karen doesn't center her financial business model around drawing in more clients, but on delivering high-quality service.

Understanding what drives your clients and their vision for today, tomorrow, and ten years can help you build a stronger and more referable practice. Listen in today and start developing your own sustainable vision!

Links: Karen Coyne LinkedIn

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Ep. 134 – Building a Successful Partnership with Marci Bair & Victor Orozco

Oftentimes advisors want to grow their business and pass down their knowledge. To do so, they bring on interns and a lot of the time, it goes horribly wrong.

Has that ever happened to you?

Perhaps you weren’t great at managing, articulating your expectations, or you just haven’t found anyone you really connect with.

Joining our host, Matt Halloran, is returning guest Marci Bair and her partner, Victor Orozco, of Bair Financial LLC to discuss how you can build a successful partnership within your firm.

Marci made a previous appearance on Top Advisor Marketing Podcast where she discussed how to truly niche useful, however, she wouldn’t have obtained her current level of success if not for Victor.  

If you’re thinking about broadening your firm and want to grow with someone, listen today to learn valuable advice on how you can make a lasting partnership.

Links: Victor Orozco LinkedIn | Marci Bair LinkedIn | Bair Financial LLC

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Ep 133 – Professional Style with Rich Mbariket

Are you interested in growing your professional wardrobe? Is it time to add a splash of color or a new fabric to those tried-and-true suits? Have you always taken pride in your appearance, but you're not sure what the next steps are?

If you've asked yourself those questions, this is the episode for you!  Matt welcomes personal stylist and menswear professional Rich Mbariket to today's show to discuss easy tips to help men spice up their wardrobes.

As the founder of his self-named company, located in Las Vegas, Rich provides clients with direction when it comes to converting the tried and true into the new and stylish. With a focus on converting stuffy to approachable, Rich helps men select great professional outfits, whether it's for your 9-5 office job or for an evening out.

If you're ready for a style make over and to make 2019 the year you're a contender for best-dressed in the office, this an episode you won't want to miss!

Links: Rich Mbariket LinkedIn | |

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Ep 132 – Lifestyle Marketing with Eric Gaddy

More and more, we see people promoting the concept of work-life balance. If you're ready to offer your clients the opportunity to retire early and get on living, you'll love our next/returning guest Eric Gaddy!

As the author and owner of Retire Early, Eric is an expert in getting your financial house in order so that you can live life outside the office. Today with our host, Matt Halloran, Eric will discuss how financial professionals can use the retire early lifestyle to market and prospect for clients.

If you're considering early retirement or are simply ready to offer your clients more living, be sure to listen in today!

And if you missed Eric's original podcast, you can find it HERE!

Links: Eric Gaddy LinkedIn | “Retire Early – What are you waiting for?”- The Book | How To Retire Early Website | Retire Early Resources

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Ep 131 – Revolutionizing Asset Management with Scott MacKillop

Our host, Matt Halloran, is continuously looking to bring on guests who offer something unique and different that you can apply to your own practice to stand out from the advisor down the street.

Joining Matt today is industry veteran Scott MacKillop to discuss his revolutionary business, First Ascent Asset Management. Here are just a few of First Ascent's unique offerings for advisors:

1. The industry's first flat-fee asset management services.

2. Elegantly simple portfolios that focus on being broadly diversified with few holdings and infrequent trades.

3. An entirely virtual experience, which keeps costs down and customer service up!

If you're ready to provide a high quality service that will lower your costs and the costs to your clients, be sure to listen in today with Scott and Matt!

Links: Scott MacKillop LinkedIn | First Ascent Asset Management | First Ascent Knowledge Centre

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Ep 130 – Social Media Methodology with Ian Moyse

If you've been wondering about the value of social media in your financial practice, our expert guest Ian Moyse offers his insight into the true value of social media in your prospecting efforts.

Joining host Matt Halloran from across the pond, Ian is the sales director of Natterbox, a done for your digital communications solution.

These two social media gurus explore the hard and fast reality that social media isn't your technology fix. It will never replace traditional methods. But working in symbiosis with your prospecting avenues, can create a stronger and more reliable sales stream.

If you're ready to explore what social media should mean to your company, listen in today!

Links: Ian Moyse LinkedIn | Natterbox


Social Media Changes – December 2018

Things are constantly changing in the social media world. It can be hard to keep up with all of the latest features and policy changes, so we’ve made it easy for you to stay up to date by creating a monthly roundup of what’s new on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.

This month, Facebook extended its Stories feature and added new ways for you to share your favorite posts and life events with friends and family. Meanwhile, Instagram underwent (and then quickly reversed) some controversial formatting changes, and Twitter brought back chronological timelines for good.

Read on for more noteworthy social media changes that happened in December 2018.


Group Stories

If sharing Stories on Facebook’s main timeline or on your Facebook Business Page isn’t enough for you, you can now add stories in Facebook Groups! The social media platform launched the feature worldwide this month, allowing users to “contribute to a collaborative story” within one group. You can add to a Group’s story by using your camera roll and, as with other Stories, you will be able to add effects, stickers, text, and more to your Group Stories.

Life Events

Have you been looking for an eye-catching way to announce your big life events to your friends on social media? Well, Facebook’s got you covered. This month, Facebook introduced new features to spice up your life-events announcements, including the new ability to add animated photos and videos to life events like changes in your city, job, school, or relationship status. If you don’t have your own photos to share, you can make use of Facebook’s photo library or share photos from the people or Pages you tag in your post.


This month, Facebook also expanded their collections feature. Through this feature, you can save posts from your friends or Pages and organize them into collections by clicking the “save post” option under the three dots in the top right-hand corner of the post. You can also share your collections of saved content with friends and family members of your choice.


Voice Messages

If you’re ever in the mood to speak—not type—to your friends, then be sure to check out Instagram’s new voice messaging feature! This feature allows users to record voice messages when sending a Direct Message by pressing on the microphone icon and recording their message. But beware—once you let go of the icon, your message will automatically send!

New Stories Features

This month, Instagram added new stickers to their Stories to help make the feature even more interactive. Among those is the new countdown sticker, which serves as a countdown timer to remind viewers about your upcoming events. Another new feature is the music reply button, through which you can recommend and receive recommendations of songs from viewers, who can also attach the song using Instagram’s music library.

A Not-So-New Look

Instagram made waves this month when it tested a new way of formatting its feeds. In the test, Instagram switched the way users navigate their timelines, swapping out the usual vertical scrolling for horizontal swiping and tapping. This change received negative feedback from users all over the Internet, and Instagram later reversed the test and returned the newsfeed to its previous style.


Tweet Source

Your Twitter followers are about to learn a little bit more about you. Twitter recently re-adda feature they removed back in 2012—a feature that lists what platform you’re tweeting from. This new information will show up beside the date and time of the published tweet, showcasing whether you tweeted from iOS, an Android App, or a third-party application like TweetDeck or Hootsuite.

Chronological Tweets

The chronological timeline is here to stay! After testing out the return of the chronological timeline a couple months ago, Twitter has officially rolled out the feature to all users. Now, through a “toggle dressed as a sparkle icon” above your timeline, you can choose whether you want your timeline ordered chronologically or by relevancy. This feature has been fully rolled out on Apple platforms and will be coming to Twitter’s Android app in the coming months.

That’s it for now! We’ll be back next month with more social media updates. In the meantime, you can find our full Social Media Changes Report for December 2018 on AdvisorU.


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Ep 129 – The Freedom Practice with Craig Hersch

Today were changing a few things up on Top Advisor Marketing podcast! Our host Matt Halloran is joined by estate planning attorney Craig Hersch!

Craig is the creator of the Freedom Practice – a practice management program for estate planning attorneys to help them grow their practice. These unique tactics don't just apply in the world of law, but can help you make your practice fundamentally unique and different!

Craig is an expert at what he does, and hosts his own podcast along with being an editor at Trusts & Estate Magazine and a contributor to

Be sure to listen in today and learn how you can create growth in your own practice!

Links: 4GameChange Podcast | Craig Hersch LinkedIn| Common Cents Estate Planning: Practical Advice You Should Consider With Your Attorney, CPA and Financial Advisor

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Ep 128 – Four Steps to Marketing in 2019

Welcome back to our third season of Top Advisor Marketing Podcast! To get you ready for 2019, our host, Matt Halloran, is joined by marketing and branding expert Kirk Lowe to discuss four steps to marketing in 2019!

Get ready for a new-and-improved you this year as Kirk and Matt walk you through the exact process they offer their branding clients. It's a process Kirk has spent the past 18 years perfecting. Using their proven four step process: attract, intrigue, engage, and influence, Kirk and Matt share several actionable steps you can take to bring your ideal clients through the door!

Be sure to listen in today and begin your marketing success!
 Links: Marketing Plan Tactics | Marketing BluePrint Video