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How to Market in the Expertise Economy

Like it or not, all advisors compete in the expertise economy. The trouble (opportunity) is that most advisors don’t understand expertise marketing principles, tactics, nor how to implement. 

Join Kirk Lowe, a leading-edge, thought-leader for financial marketing for 20 years now, and learn tips and strategies to effectively and efficiently market in the expertise economy.

Get ready to take notes and discover how to set yourself apart from other advisors, what no one has ever told you about how to become a thought-leader, and why being on social media is well worth your time – if done right. 

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to market in the Expertise Economy.
  • How to build a marketing strategy that will separate you from most advisors.
  • Which platform works best to share your expertise (book, blog, podcast, video).
  • What it means to be highly relevant (and where a niche comes in). 
  • Different tactics to promote you and your expertise.
  • And more!

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