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4 Ways to Fix Your FrankenMarketing Plan

Do you have multiple focuses and strategies?

Is it costing you more money than you’d hoped?

Is it taking up time that you need to be spending on clients?

Maybe you’ve had to say no to ideas that should have become your core strategies because your budget is spent and you wouldn’t know how to fit them in anyway.

Does this all sound familiar?

Then you might have a FrankenMarketing Plan = a mishmash of tactics that are uncoordinated, unfocused, and taking up way too much of your time.

Imagine having a marketing plan where all of the pieces work together to attract and nurture your ideal prospects.

In our webinar replay, 4 Ways to Fix Your FrankenMarketing Plan, Kirk Lowe, co-founder of Top Advisor Marketing, shows you how to create a marketing plan that’s synergistic, cost-efficient, and easy to run.

Click play below to get started!

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